Media Is Essential To Democracy

That’s what some of the know-nothings are saying, that a Free Press is essential to maintenance of a Democracy.

News Flash —– The U.S. is not a Democracy and the American Press hasn’t been “Free” for decades now.

The American Press is owned by private interests and the private interests who own it dictate the content and form of whatever appears in the privately-owned media —- and some of the private owners of American-Based Media come from foreign countries …. Australia and elsewhere …. and their agendas are sometimes something other than that which aligns with traditional American ideals and values and whatever …

By the same token that “The Press” is essential to a “Democracy,” some kind of “Press” is also essential to a tyranny!

Don’t believe that? Read the big Russian newspapers of the era of U.S.S.R., prominence under Stalin and read the dominant German newspaper published during the time 1941-44.

Yes … a “Press” is essential to both a democracy and a tyranny so I cannot understand what the big news is with that idea!

Trouble is, we here in America haven’t got such a thing and haven’t had such a thing for a very long time now.

So what is the big argument about?

It appears that the only “Freedom of The Press extant in some American Media these days is the freedom to deceive.

Welfare Abuse May Soon Be Only A Memory In Wisconsin

It looks to me like the State of Wisconsin is thinking about some new measures to reduce the number of people who have become dependent on government handouts —– To reduce the number of people on welfare rolls.

That’s what I read anyway.

I heard the Wisconsin Governor is preparing a state budget that would expand that state’s work requirements for welfare to include able-bodied adults who have children and who are receiving food stamps.

I understand that the way it was before only able bodied adults without children were on the work requirements list.

I would say the newly proposed budget would greatly expand the number of people who are presently comfortably squatted on welfare in Wisconsin who have to get off their rear ends and do some kind of work in connection with receiving their “Benefits.”

Sounds fair enough to me, folks.

I wish every state in the union had a work fare program of one kind or another because I believe there are far too many who are simply too lazy or too unwilling to work who are sucking off the system and costing working taxpayers money that should never get spent for such purposes.

No work-ee, No Eat-ee!

I think America has gotten too permissive in terms of who gets the free ride and who does not and I think the Wisconsin Governor is making the right decision and taking the right steps to get something started to reverse this shameful trend.

I know Liberals are going to shit their pants over it but so what? It is something that needs doing and I think every governor in The United States ought to take a hard look at doing something similar.

I think a well-organized and efficiently enforced work fare program for welfare benefits and related items would also go a long way toward solving America’s growing immigration crisis.

The Iranian filmmaker ….. Asghar Farhadi ….. won an Oscar for his film, “The Salesman” but he reportedly boycotted the awards ceremony because he wants to protest what he calls “The Inhumane Law” that bans entry of immigrants to The United States.

So America recognizes the Iranian’s talent and gives him an award for his film and he repays us all by lecturing us about how inhumane our government is.

I wonder if the “Director” has ever taken a close look at his own government over there in Iran …. a place where they throw homosexuals off roof tops and throw acid in the faces of their disobedient wives?”

My immediate reaction to hearing about this was, “Oh Yes! If you don’t like America so much then why in the Hell don’t you just stay in Iran? I hear it is a really nice place where they kill people for being gay. Yes! Go ahead and give us your lecture about how bad our government is because it wants to protect americans from terrorist assholes!

I think if we are going to talk about “Inhumane Laws” we ought to get some kind of perspective on what “Inhumane” actually means, don’t you?


President Trump is definitely not some politically correct coward who is afraid to call a spade a spade. —- President Trump is messing with the heads of the traditional old corrupted Establishment types (The “Suits”) and it gives me a big thrill in all my private parts and up and down my left leg to see him doing exactly what he is doing in Washington, D.C.! —- I am glad as hell that our President has taken a tough stance on the illegal welfare queens who have been swarming our borders and I want to emphasize that I do not consider any illegal to be an “Immigrant.” —– They are not “Immigrants” at all. —- They are law-breaking criminal trespassers and need to be dealt with as such before they grow to such numbers they become a threat to our very societal fabric!

Yes, President Trump has shaken the Establishment to the core and I applaud him for his audacity and courage and all I can say at this point is, “You go, Mr. President! You rock! Keep on keeping on!” Trump is exactly what America needs right now and I am glad to see that he is driving the Lib-turds totally insane!


I am not going to name the source of the following quote but I read the quote and I totally and whole heartedly agree with every word the quote says and here is what the quote says: ( I have paraphrased slightly).

“Millions (Of People) come to the United States legally!

Calling illegal aliens “Undocumented Immigrants” is like calling heroin dealers “Undocumented Pharmacists.” (End of quote.)

I read it, I loved it and I am sharing it!


You know what I don’t think ever has a chance in hell of happening, folks? —–  the day when I hear news that someone who reads the sacred text books of the Buddhist Religion, The Christian Religion, The Hindu Religion or any other Religion besides Radical Islam finds something in those sacred texts that makes them go off the deep end, become mentally unbalanced and take up arms and go off on some weird tangent of harming other people in the name of their religion. —- Is it that modern-day terrorism is really confined to those who rely on specific doctrinal writings or are all religious writings such that they can spawn the same kinds of attitudes and actions as the attitudes and actions being taken by the terrorists today? —– What are the specific commandments in other religions that demand that believers should engage in jihadist-style activities? —– Surely violent jihad cannot be the exclusive province of a single belief system!

President Trump’s job approval rating — ( among the Trump hating propaganda mills) — is at a record low at the same time that America’s Moral Values are also at a historically record low. –(Wanna share a bathroom stall with a person who identifies as something they aren’t and can never be?) —  I guess you can’t have one without the other …. or to put it another way, “One follows the other.” —- Even with that contrived statistic isn’t it amazing that other “Polls” are showing that most Americans believe the country is headed in the right direction? — Go figure! —– I guess it all depends on which side of the hog’s ass one is biting on.