This will be my blog about any thing that strikes my fancy.

And Who exactly is this  John Liming?


Well John Liming is your average above-average guy from a raggedly-poor background who made it in comfortably in this old world and who has been around the block a few times and has been in the Military and who has seen most of the Civilized World and who has hobnobbed with people from all walks of life from the lowest to the highest and who has been blessed by God with a special gift of genius for analyzing things and who has no agenda.  I am sick of AGENDAS.

Check out my usually virulent stuff and see if you agree.

Of course you are under no obligation to agree.

No — if you choose to ignore my excellence and go your own way then you are perfectly free to enjoy the consequences of whatever judgments you make.

That’s who I am.

Now who are you?

The blog is published throughout the day, every day of the week (Usually) and has no set publication schedule so if you like the blog it is highly recommended that you bookmark it or subscribe to it in a reader or by e-mail so as not to miss a single article that is published. (All subscriptions are free of charge.)

“THE RIPENING WANDERER”  was originally started Five years ago under the heading, “American Liberal Times” and later renamed “The Ripening Wanderer” The name was changed because the political position of the blog author changed from strict Liberal to Centrist Conservative.

The blog is seen in at least 20 countries and is read in at least 41 different languages according to our best estimation.

Daily visitors to the blog range in number from 5 to as many as 1,146 and the total number of visits since the blog was first published is estimated to be somewhere near the 900,000 mark.

But the most important thing about this blog is not me nor my most unique way of opinionating.  The most important thing about this blog is YOU because you are here reading and I doubt if there is another blogger in the whole world who appreciates readers more than I do — Why? Because without readers who come and come again and again there is no reason to strike the first key on a keyboard. Readers make the blog and Readers are more important than anything and my first desire (Before my desire to be important or to be heard) is to try to serve the best interests of America and all my wonderful Readers — and you can take that to the bank!

I do not mince words and I do not sugar-coat shit!

Others may cover crap with fine-sounding rhetoric but I do not!

If you are reading here regularly then you are getting it exactly the way I see it and if it stinks I am going to say so. I will not try to paint a pretty picture out of a garbage heap of propagandistic dung and I have to tell you straight up (so that I can remain honest) my blog is super-biased and super-opinionated so do not come on here and accuse me of dealing in fake news or contrived facts. I deal in opinions … Mine and those of the people who wish to share theirs. Let’s get all this straight before I really offend somebody’s sensibilities.

Damn! I’m glad you are here!

Welcome one and all!

My E-Mail: john(dot)liming783(at)gmail.com

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