I Placed My First Order On Amazon

Let me get the disclaimer out of the way first: “I am not connected to the Amazon online shopping service in any way, shape nor manner and I am not being compensated in any way for mentioning Amazon on this blog post.”

The law requires that I make those things I have just said clear.

So the other day, I started thinking about maybe trying out an order to Amazon for something … just to see how it all worked.

The item I decided to order was mens’ razor blade shaving systems. I am always looking for the ideal shave …. smoothness of the shave itself … closeness of the shave … comfort of holding the razor in my hand …. safety of the razor …. a shave without any after burn …. I am always trying new razors, shave creams and gels and colognes out so I decided to look on Amazon.

I found a shaving set on the website that I decided I wanted to try as my very first order on Amazon and so I filled out their online order form and inserted the necessary credit card information and everything.

The whole procedure was exciting from the minute I started it until the day my merchandise arrived.

The Amazon site indicated that I could have merchandise in hand just a mere two days from when I ordered it and having dealt with some of the old fashioned mail order houses that used to sell things through snail mail, I was incredulous! I had never heard of such a quick delivery time on anything before in my life … especially something ordered from a far away place …. something that required order processing, order pulling, packaging and shipping. I thought the “Two Day” claim was a little much but I placed the order and sat back waiting anxiously to see what would happen.

So what happened was that I got the package of razors in exactly the time frame that had been promised and it went even further than that. I also got a message telling me exactly when the order had been shipped and where I would find it on my property once it had been delivered. (On the front porch or near the front door.).

The package was exactly where I had been told it would be.

My jaw dropped to the ground!

I was positively amazed!

But wait! There was even more!

After I had received the package (In perfect condition) I got a couple more e-mailed communications asking me my evaluation of the merchandise (It was great merchandise … smoothest shave I have ever had … longest lasting blades I have ever owned…) — and the messages I was getting were all concerned about my satisfaction with the merchandise, with Amazon and with everything!

I have never seen such commitment to customer satisfaction in my life.

Yes, I will be ordering again!

Just wanted to share this because this is the first time I have ever tried anything like this and I was floored with what a wonderfully satisfying and amazing experience the whole thing was.

Technology is absolutely marvelous, isn’t it?

What would you do if you won a Million dollars?

I have never “Won” a million dollars. I have earned an accumulative million dollars at one time or another but I have never “Won” a million dollars in a lottery or a game of chance or anything like that.

But I had a relative who won $4-Million once in a state lottery (It would have been Eight Million but he had to share the prize with one other winner.). His name was Duke.

I have often thought about how I would handle winning a Million or even a few Million dollars in a lottery and I have devised what I think would be a sensible strategy:

First I would hire the best attorney that money could buy so that no surprise lawsuits pop out of the woodwork. People are greedy sometimes and even if there is no case or if they have no legitimate claim I am sure many frivolous ( and expensive) lawsuits would come with the territory if I (Or anybody) were to win these kinds of large sums of money.

One story I read about such a winner said that he was forced to change his name and move to another location because of the hordes of “Relatives” he had never met and the people wanting to “Borrow” money or sell him things or try to get him interested in one business scheme or the other …. It is amazing how a person’s popularity can skyrocket once the news gets out that the person is suddenly wealthy.

Sudden wealth is also said to encourage marital breakups and all kinds of family problems so I would be very wary of any of those …. if I were still married that is … which I am not because my wife has been deceased for more than 10 years now.

I think if I won that kind of money I would have to take precautions against all the relatives wanting me to co-sign for cars or to buy them a car outright … or to loan them money to get married on … or to help them buy their medicines …. or get them out of debt … The list of possibilities is limitless and I think if I became that kind of winner I would have to be more of a Scrooge than I already am.

My friend who won the millions was stone cold broke again in the space of a couple of years because he couldn’t resist buying new furniture and cars, giving money to all his kids and relatives, playing craps and other gambling games hoping to increase his fortunes even farther … and going on expensive cruises once or twice a year and holding big, extravagant “Look at me” barbecues and other kinds of parties whenever the urge struck …. totally broke …. penniless and back in debt again …. in less than Three years.

I think I would invest in a financial adviser too if it were me.

So what would YOU do if you suddenly became so rich you couldn’t believe what had happened to you?

Make America Greasy And Gritty Again

President Trump is reportedly reviewing the possibility of signing an executive order that will place at least 40 National Monument areas under consideration for re-sizing or for elimination altogether.

That’s what I heard but don’t quote me on it.

The idea seems to be that more of this “National Monument” land needs to be opened up for drilling and for exploitation of the natural resources to be found ( and exploited) in these areas ….[ Something that I believe involved more profit for big business greed mongers as a top priority].

Did I mention that this is pissing some of the Indigenous tribal leaders off big time — not to mention the conservationists.

Did I mention that the indigenous tribal leaders and the conservationists can get just as pissed off as they want to but that none of their anger is going to accomplish a damned thing because big money is bigger than all of them put together?

Alright then ….

So the Rethugs want us to all make our habitat in the midst of a vast polluted landfill where the best scenery available will be oil slick-covered sandy beaches and mounds of toxic waste everywhere.

Laying out a picnic feast beneath a giant oil platform is my idea of a great sojourn for family and kids into the great scenic areas of The United States.

Have patience! It is coming!

In the final analysis, voters do get what they vote for, don’t they?

I am laughing my ass off at the ignorance of some people … not mentioning any names.

Federal Judge Block’s Trump Sanctuary City Order

I heard somewhere that the Federal Judge who blocked President Trump’s order to withhold federal funding from so-called “Sanctuary Cities” was, at one time, a campaign bundler for ex-president and now golfer-at-large Barak H. Obama — and so the question in my mind is, “Who should be surprised by any of this kind of obstructionism?”

I have another question too ….. How many crimes will illegal aliens (Immigrants)(Migrants)(Criminals) perpetrate against innocent law-abiding American Citizens until such time as idiots allow the President to protect America with his idea to keep federal funds away from cities who do not want to help uphold the laws of the land?

How many innocent “Real” American Citizens (The Legal Ones) will have to die at the hands of crazy illegal immigrant/migrant/alien/criminals before someone comes to their senses?

Leveling The Playing Field

I notice that once in awhile a few Liberals sneak onto “The Ripening Wanderer” to offer their suggestions as to which part of my ass I should stick something ….. or some other equally inane remark …. but believe me when I tell you that the Libs are more than welcome on my blog ….. Regardless of what kind of shitty things they might say ….. because I still believe ideas are more important than ideologies and I can stand a little good-natured virtual anality sometimes …. the kind that flows so readily from the extreme Liberal.

I have to laugh sometimes when I see the number of American Leftist Elitists who live in over-sized mansions sporting multiple fire places and having absolutely no solar panels on the roof and who still have the nutless gall to go around preaching about the horrors of global warming and other such nonsense designed to herd the sheep in the direction of their bullshit pits.

And while we are on this subject, have you ever seen a city in The United States where there is an over abundance of slums and slum dwellers which is not governed by Big Government Liberals? Detroit for example?

And then there are all those big government supporters who call themselves “Liberal” but whose agendas tend more toward socialism and most of the dumb asses haven’t got the sense to understand that underneath all their pretense they are really nothing but a watered-down Communist!

Let’s consider for a minute some of the insane thinking that Liberals in America are capable of: They bitch and moan because the President wants to build a wall to help contain illegal immigration and the cost of that wall is estimated by some experts to be in the neighborhood of Ten Billion Dollars ($Ten-Billion) ($10,000,000,000.00) —- but the same whiners, bitchers and moaners refuse to acknowledge that the cost to American Taxpayers every year that goes by of illegal immigration is more like Ninety-Billion dollars …. That is how the Libs think, folks!

If you are going to waste your time reading Liberal blogs then all I can say is get your laughing shoes on because that is all most of them are good for … a laugh!


Dumbocruds Go After Mike Flynn

President Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, is being attacked by the Dumbocrud Left because they think he might have broken some kind of law in some of his supposed dealings with Russia.

Of course anybody who can find their own ass in a mirror already knows this is nothing but an asshole attack by the Leftists —– a witch hunt if you prefer —- and we all know that everyone of the accusers of Mr. Flynn have Lilly white and totally sinless hands and have never done a fucking thing that anyone could ever think of as improper. Isn’t that right?

Oh yeah … that is totally right!

Help me! My tongue is stuck in my cheek!

This is how some of the lying spammers on the Internet try to get their feet into your blog to use it for free advertising for some shit they are pushing.

I am wise to them. It doesn’t work on me anymore since I have become wiser.

Here is one of the “Come On” lines some of the spammers use to try to get as foothold on somebody else’s blog — “Great info. Lucky me I ran across your blog by accident. I’ve book marked it for later!”

I have a standard response to some of these trolls …. “You’re lying!”

People who “Bookmark” your site “For Later” rarely ever tell you about it.

Learn something while you still have me around to teach you!